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Recently, I’m living  in  ordinary days. I felt nothing special, just staying in school, attending class, skipping class, and sitting in front of the computer. Saturday and Sunday are the same as other days in my mind, nothing difference.  I didn’t  have so much pressure,  and lack of enthusiasm.

Previously, I just wanted to learn the skill of website development for I can find a good job after graduate. Of course, I’m interested in it too. Afterwards, I found that society is farer away than that. maybe I have just seen the tip of an iceberg. I realize what kind of skill is useful in society. They are like communication and flexible mind. unfortunately, I’m not good at this kind of skill.

Many people told me that personal network is important。one  should try to be friends  with more and all kinds of people. But I haven’t do that frequenly. I seldom make friends initiatively. Those guys who I had contacted with before are not so  familiar. while time passed, we just became stangers.

In this few days, sometimes I feel lazy to coding and  just browse website and blog, and didn’t know what should I do and  feeling wasting of time.  But what’s wasting of time? Is studing all days, working all days, improving ourselves, preparing for the future, that is  so  called “I haven’t wasted  of time”? I don’t know, I think that living is just living.  hard learning is always right, but sometimes considering too much about future is unnecessery。The  future is  full of uncertain  things. It’s hard to prepare. We should just live for nowadays instead of living for future.

Writing in English is hard for me, but it seems that I should learn writing and chating in English, not just reading.




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